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Parents Can Teach Reading: Pre-school to Six

Recommended reading for parents/carers:

– Growing a reader from birth: Your child’s path from language to literacy.
Prof. Diane McGuinness. Pub. Norton. 2004.
Understanding a child’s emerging language from first babblings to a five-year-old’s mastery of reading – and a useful layperson’s guide to speech development.

– A Parent’s Guide to Phonics: Understanding How to Help your Child with Reading and Spelling.
Ann Sullivan. Pub. DK. 2024.
”The book is written using accessible, jargon-free language that is easy to follow and understand.”
It explains how reading and spelling are taught using a high-quality phonics programme.
There is a section on teaching phonics to pupils with special educational needs.

Prof. McGuinness’ one-page outline of research-informed ‘Principles for Teaching Reading‘.
It includes the three activities that teachers but also home-educating parents should avoid. 

Why You Should Teach Your Preschooler to Read
Primarily aimed at parents and carers, this is a collection of high-quality phonics resources suitable for teaching reading and spelling to pre-schoolers -> 6yrs old:

Sounds-Write’s FREE, online phonics Part 1 (Initial Code Units 1-7) course for parents/carers/homeschoolers: teach your rising 4-6 yr old child how to read and spell. Both parts are compatible with the DfE-validated phonics programmes taught in England’s primary schools since 2021.
Sounds-Write’s FREE course. Help your child to read and write Part 2 (Initial Code Units 8-11)
Sounds-Write’s practical, online course for parents/carers/homeschoolers.

£. Sounds-Write Activity Book for Part 1 (Initial Code Units 1-7)
To use alongside Sounds-Write’s Udemy course part 1.

£ Sounds-Write Activity Book for Part 2 (Initial Code Units 8-11)
To use alongside Sounds-Write’s Udemy course part 2.

£. App for iPad only. Sounds-Write’s Linguistic Phonics Initial/Basic Code app. 1st three units are free. This app offers a variety of activities to develop the skills of blending and segmenting sound-spelling correspondences, with words and sentences for reading and writing.
N.B. Parental/carer supervision is needed when using the app.

Free to download and print: First Phonics Picture Book for pre-schoolers -all 44 sounds covered.

FREE Phonics decodable books:
First Steps. 12 initial code stories (units 4->). Sign up with your email for the free pdf e-book versions
Suitable to use alongside the Sounds-Write online Udemy course for parents – see above.
For initial code stories units 1-3 see http://www.phonicbooks.co.uk/ ‘Launchers’ series.

For more decodable books to use with the Sounds-Write programme: