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Sound Reading System

The Sound Reading System (SRS) http://soundreadingsystem.co.uk/

SRS is an advanced linguistic phonics intervention programme that teaches struggling readers, of any age, how to read and spell. The programme is based on the research and prototype of Prof. Diane McGuinness and adapted, with her permission, by *Fiona Nevola B.Ed.(Sussex) M.Sc.(Oxon).

*Please contact Fiona Nevola for training details: fiona.nevola at gmail.com

”Her training and SRS are amazing! Totally revolutionised everything I knew about teaching spelling. And I’ve used SRS to amazing ends as an intervention. Very highly rate it! Superb progress. And totally secure learning” (Primary teacher. 2021)

Diane McGuinness: An Introduction to the English Alphabet Code.

Sound Reading System: Alphabet Code chart.

SRS is used as a one-to-one intervention in private tutoring, schools, academies, FE colleges and youth offender institutions. It can also be adapted to use as a whole-class early reading programme (see the YouTube clip below) or as a KS2 spelling intervention programme -see the blog post by ‘MissieBee’ below.

YouTube clip: whole-class use of SRS at Christ Church primary school. Chelsea. London

Iffley Academy for children with complex special educational needs. Rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted, uses the Sound Reading System http://iffleyacademy.co.uk/curriculum-and-accreditation/the-sound-reading-system-srs/

The Sound Reading System ticks all the boxes: 
– teaches all the common English alphabet code spellings in logical, incremental steps   
– suitable for all age groups including teens and adults 
– every component of the programme is based on scientific evidence of ‘what works’
– each lesson provides multiple tasks that reinforce all possible sensory and motor systems
– fast working: contains no ineffective and time-wasting practices or procedures
– no ‘rule’ learning, no sight word memorising, no letter names, no guessing  
– suitable even for those with severe literacy challenges such as dyslexia.

One-to-one private tutoring:

The Sound Reading System works brilliantly; it’s really fast and effective. Unusually perhaps, parents are expected to sit in on the lessons so they understand the procedures and can support their child with the between-lesson, fail-safe homework tasks. In this way, progress is maintained from one weekly session to the next. The programme works rapidly with positive advances to the child’s reading skills being perceptible to all involved within a short time. Whether the child has been professionally assessed and found to have difficulties following the pattern of dyslexia or not, makes no difference to a successful outcome.

Many parents have discovered that there are significant side benefits to attending SRS tutoring lessons alongside their child, especially if they have other children of pre-school age. The English alphabet code is de-mystified and the teaching of reading is shown to be a simple, straightforward task when it is done directly and systematically using the carefully designed SRS materials.

A three-page article about Sound Reading System tutoring from Exeter’s Express&Echo newspaper:
How Sam found a way with words.
Download the full PDF article here


SRS’s entry in the 6th edition (2020) of ‘What Works’ – a survey of reading intervention schemes in England (funded by PATOSS ‘The Professional Association of Teachers of Students With Specific Learning Difficulties)